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Now YOU Can Live Like a Warrior King!
Discover the very best Martial Mastery Skills and Secrets
in the privacy and comfort of your own home and use them
to Get What You Want and MANIFEST A KICK-ASS LIFE!

You are about to discover the secret path of Personal Mastery. When you step onto this path, your so-called friends may get jealous. Your real friends will be amazed. Your enemies will flee as they seek refuge in their dark cave of envy, prejudice and ignorance.

WARNING 2: Envious co-workers and negative relatives won’t understand. Your wallet might fatten. Your body and mind may get super-strong. You may find yourself enjoying Unstoppable Confidence and Lasting Peace-of-Mind. You’ll probably find yourself attracting “better” people (the “right” ones). And you may become happier than you’ve ever been!

WARNING 3: At midnight on February 2nd, 2016 we will no longer be accepting new members into this program. The door closes FOREVER!


Here’s Why: Since 2006, with it’s elite confidential teachings, inner circle membership has grown and expanded and gotten bigger and better each year.

2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of Inner Circle Membership, and Scott has decided to make it the FINAL YEAR!

Since it’s the final year, Scott is going all-out like never before to give members a “Personal Mastery Program” for 2016!

Scott is only going to dedicate this elite information to his long-time members, and, new members who join before the “starting point” at midnight on February 2nd, 2016.

Where Do You Want To Be One Year From Now?

When you join our elite Inner Circle Membership, you will receive an exclusive DVD or CD each month for one year to guide you on the Warrior’s Secret Path of Mastery, so that by this time next year, you will have acquired amazing skills and finally “be there!”

Before you can join, you need to understand something. I’m not going to beat around the bush and coddle you or hold your hand. If you don’t qualify, we don’t want your business.

Here’s the qualification: This is For WARRIORS Only.

Yes, this is ONLY for Warriors – those who self-responsible and who are not passive about getting more out of life, and who are willing to acquire the knowledge to do so (knowledge that is not available to the masses).

You see, Scott Bolan found the secrets to success by taking the wisdom, strategy, and tactics of the Elders, Samurai, Ninja, Sadhu and other Ancient Warriors of the past and combining them with the cutting-edge Modern Masters knowledge into a vast body of strategy and tactics he has been sharing for years and empowering thousands of folks just like you.

When you join him on this path and get this elite info, you might be shocked at first. It’s not for the feint-of-heart and sheeple. It is POWERFUL.

It empowers the wise and pisses off the ignorant and envious!

Do you want to be a person of Power?

Do you want to hear it like it REALLY is and get the Secrets that no one else dares to tell?

Do you want to KICK ASS in life and be your own leader by design, instead of getting your Ass Kicked and being led by default by the media, culture and mind controllers for a life of militant mediocrity?

Do you want to know how to Survive and Escape daily-growing TERRORISM?

Do you want to know how to Survie and Thrive the constant upheaval and regime change in an growingly oppressive Orwellian Society?

Do you want to know how to Survive and Thrive as a Modern-Day Ninja, just like the ancient Shinobi Warriors did?

If so you’re in the right place!

If you want to live powerfully and you’ve been searching for cutting-edge skills and information from somone you can trust, I understand your journey my friend. You’ve found it here.

Any honest person will agree that it can be very difficult trying to learn something or do something you really want to do – that you know deep down you can do, if you don’t have someone who knows how to SHOW YOU HOW.

Fortunately, Scott Bolan has been there, done it, knows how, and he’ll show you how directly.

This Material is CONFIDENTIAL

There is so much gold in the info you’re going to receive in your monthly discss it would take 100 pages to fully describe it here!

Most of the information is strictly Confidential and for Members only, and since many non-members will be reading this as well I am only allowed to give you a brief outline of what you’ll get this year.

Here’s a quick overview of just some of the DVDs and CDs you’ll get delivered to your doorstep each month…


The first thing Scott wants you to learn is the cutting-edge elite skills of ultimate self-preservation.

Scott has been taught by world-renowned Jeet Kune Do authorities both Concept and “Original Nucleus” and show you these tactics he’s learned as well as his own discoveries through years of research and application. This includes “water” combat psychology, and brutally devastating defense with bone breaking!


For YEARS, people have been begging Scott to do a course on Negotation Tactics! He won’t do one for the public, but he is doing a confidential course for Inner Circle Members ONLY (that’s you when you join)

These are NEW techniques that Scott has never taught anywhere else. I don’t care if you have all of his products, you don’t have this yet because he’s never shared it until now…


Because almost everything you want in life, you will be getting from other people.

The Ability to Persuade & Negotiate Powerfully is a Vital Life Skill.

Most people don’t realize this (knowing it puts you ahead of the pack) – Persuasion is NOT something you do “to” someone, it’s something you do “with” someone. That’s why Integrity is vital to your success.

This isn’t a Sunday school lesson, it’s simply a statement of fact.

You see, Persuasion Results are first achieved internally – with you first! This CD will show you personal amazing confidence, body language, and verbal skills for irresistible persuasion, and negotation skills that breaks down barries and has them eating out of your hand!


You will discover how to access your greatest inner power and re-program your warrior mind for Abundance Attraction, enlightenment, harmony, and lasting inner peace.

These are REAL-WORLD SKILLS for magical living today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.


This is Scott’s hidden “Combat Anabolics” Secrets for Mind and Body. When we think of “Anabolics” we usually think of steroids, but the actual meaning is “to build up.” It’s opposite is “Catabolic”, which means “to break down”.

You could put it this way: ANABOLIC LIVING MEANS STRONG LIVING. Catabolic living means living in Weakness.

Who in their right mind would ever CHOOSE Weakness?

Sadly, MOST of the Population! (they’re called Sheeple) Often by design, but usually by default (they choose unknowingly).

Scott’s IRON BODY/IRON MIND WARRIOR program will show you how to avoid the “sheeple weakness traps” (that are intentionally set by certain powers) and Get Strong and Live Strong, with a battle-ready body that looks and feels great.


Here’s 3 Secrets I’m allowed to share with you right now!

1) No one who looks down on you is qualified for access to you.

2) Whatever behavior you allow or tolerate, will grow

3) The way you allow people to treat you is the way you are TRAINING them to treat you!

Do you mean you can TRAIN people to treat you a certain way?


Bruce Lee said “Truth is in Relationship.” He wasn’t just talking about fighting and sparring. Your relationship first is with yourself, then with others around you – your mate, family, relatives, friends, coworkers, society – and they can be MASTERED and PERFECT.

Yes, perfect. I said it and I meant it. And I’ll prove it to you when Scott shows you how with these core fundamentals from the ancient masters.

Which leads me to ask you this question…

Have You ever dreamed of Going to a Real NINJA SCHOOL?”

I’m not talking about the over-used-and-abused commercialized word “ninja”.

Anytime the word “ninja” comes up, you most likely think of the hokey karate flicks or black pajamas, right?

But I’m NOT talking about the black-pajamas, Hollywood-stereotype ninja, I’m talking about the Real Ninja.

And 99% of people – even those who study martial arts and what they “think” is authentic Ninjutsu totally miss out on how their training actually applies to their daily lives.

Look. “Nin-ja” means “enduring person”

And enduring person is obviously a victorious person. Because in order to endure, you’re going to need to be wise, strong, courageous, stealthy, and wealthy.

If you’re not, you will not endure.

It’s that simple.

As a 2016 Inner Circle Member you get the Avanced Levels of Ninja-Ryu (meaning “Ninja School”)

You will be taken through each of the Halls of Shinobi Ninjutsu LIFE MASTERY.

You will discover the “how-to” elite warriors secrets that no one else has!…



Weapons, Ninpo Energetics


Mind Control

Mastery of the Elements

Iron Body Training

Mental Mastery

Secret Katas with Hidden Devastation Techniques

Manifestation Meditations

Personal Integration, and…

How to do the impossible (** what appears to others as “Magic” **)

Yes my friend, you will discover each and every one of these amazing skills for your self.

You’ll also learn how to…

Blend in ( look like anybody, if he don’t want others to remember you most likely won’t)

Stand out when you want to achieve your goal (perhaps to capture the attraction of the girl of your dreams, to get higher pay, to make that awesome business idea tun into piles of cash, or to stand out above the competition)…

FIGHT and WIN with passive, medium, or LETHAL FORCE according to the threat you are faced with…

Survive and THRIVE in almost any condition or circumstance, any where, under any regime change (you’ll need this now more than ever)…

Elite Secrets to Preparing Your Mind, Body and Spirit to endure (to gain and keep Victory)…

Use the LEAST EFFORT and get the MOST GAIN! (this is the “magical paradox” you must know in order to thrive)

Use the forces and powers of nature – including human nature – to achieve your desires…

It’s as AWESOME as you can imagine!

My friend, I have given you as much information as I am allowed.

This might be the most empowering experience of your life. So step forward on your path of personal mastery, the Path of the Warrior, with Scott Bolan as your coach.

Now is your one and ONLY chance to become an Inner Circle Member…

because as of February 2nd, the door is closed forever. Scott will not be offering a Membership in 2017!

You must join by February 2nd to start the path to mastery and get these elite skills.

Normally, Scott Bolan’s Inner Circle Membership is 997.00, but since is the final year, I talked Scott into giving you a massive discount! You get it all for only 397.00!

And, for the first 40 people who join right now….

Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses!

As a way of rewarding the wise warriors who join our elite Inner Circle, Scott wants you to have the most powerful skills right at your fingertips.

That’s why he’s giving you these FREE Bonuses…

1) THE WARRIOR ZEN TEACHINGS These are Scott’s private recordings of Ancient Zen Warrior texts that he’s never shared! Chock-full of the deepest insights and modern-day applications, this a pure goldmine of all-new material! (normally 395.00)


WARNING: For Academic Study Only. This is most Lethal, Bloody, Cunning, Attacker-Destroying stuff I’ve ever seen. Whether you’re on the street fighting for your life, or in the boardroom fighting for a raise, you do not want to be the guy who doesn’t know these secrets! I’m not allowed to share a word of it here, but the title says it ALL! (normally 395.00)


The empowerment conference call with JumpStart your year!Scott will answer your questions directly and show you how to Skyrocket to the Heights of your inner personal power instantly, you’ll also learn from the questions of other Inner Circle Members on the conference call! (worth 400.00)


You probably already know that Scott Bolan works with a small handful of elite colleagues who make the grade – those who walk their talk – if they don’t, Scott says adios very quickly!

That’s why you can be sure that Scott’s fellow trainers are the best in the world at what they do and have rock-solid integrity. Just being around them GIVES YOU POWER.

What you may not know is, Scott has close relationships with world-recognized #1 Master Trainers that he hasn’t done events with or shared with his students. This year, they’re coming on board!

You will be JUMPING FOR JOY when you hear what they have to say, in a round-table discussion where they, with Scott, will give you DIAMOND MIND SECRETS, MARTIAL WISDOM and STRENGTH, and answer YOUR questions one-by-one! (worth 400.00)


Imagine a one-hour CD full of machine-gun bullet-points that show you how to manifest money in today’s REAL world! This one, if ever sold, will never go for less than 100.00 – it should be 1,000.00! You’ve never heard anything like this before, and you can play it again and again so it downloads into your brain all the Bad-Ass Money-Manifesting Secrets no one has anywhere else! (worth more than 100.00)

6) Members-Only FREE Seminar this Summer! (normally 800.00)….



You’ll learn how “The Law Of Attraction” REALLY works (that Secret movie was White-Belt stuff), and how to attract what you want without effort using Ninpo (Ninjutsu Energy Secrets) with NLP and Zanshin-Hakalau tactics, including “reverse vacuum” and Onami Magnetism methods!


This exclusive CD Set has everything you need to Jump-Start your life as a Warrior. Puts you on the Fast-Track for Mastery with Ultimate Motivation, Power, and Prosperity Secrets that are so kick-ass they could be considered a Hacker’s “Cheat-Sheet” for Living Life Like a Warrior King!! (200.00)


This password-protected private area of the scottbolan.com website has Inner-Circle Members-Only videos, audios, articles, downloads, reports, and more. We will constantly add powerful new content throughout the year! (worth 1200.00)

9) 20 PERCENT DISCOUNT COUPON CODE on products, seminars, training and coaching!

Normally members got a 10 percent discount, but since this is the last year of membership we wanted to give you an “extra” special discount! (easily worth 500.00 or more)


Private coaching is one of the most effective ways to increase your learning and get the results you want with laser-focus. The hourly rate is normally 400.00, this is a 200.00 value you get absolutely FREE

OMG!! That adds up to 4,590.00 in Free Bonuses!

Why? Because we like to reward the smart folks who step up and take action!

Those are the “doers” who make things happen and go for what they want in life.

Is that fair enough?

Alright then.

This offer closes for good on Feb. 2nd, so don’t fool around and miss out!

Just hit the “ORDER NOW” button below right now, and Scott and I welcome you on board!


PS – Forget what “THEY” say! If you live for the approval of others, you’ll always be a slave and no one will respect you. If you live for a life of strength, power, wisdom, and prosperity, even your enemies will respect you.

PPS – You know what Scott told me?

Everything he’s ever done that was a huge success, those nay-sayers told him why it wouldn’t work and it was all a bunch of BS. When it did work, he always remembered that in spite of doubt, he took action on his dreams!

There’s just one way to get to the level of success people only dream about: Take action! It’s that simple. Decide to take action. Honestly, this is all easy stuff once you get started on this new warrior path.